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有几道英文改错题,帮忙看一下,不知道怎么改1.He seems to not hear from her.2.She found him waited at the school gate.3.It is getting dark.We have to find a hotel to live.4.LiLin didn‘t know how to do next. 几道英语改错题.有错的就改出来,Susan and her friends were in Japan in May 25th last year.My wife always has the last word. 英语翻译参加我生日聚会的有许多人,有我的爸爸妈妈和一些同学,妈妈给我买了一个大蛋糕,并对我说:“生日快乐!”爸爸给我买了一些礼物,一些同学也送了我礼物,我的生日过得很快乐.不要 几道英语的改错题1.After he finished reading my letter ,he went on writing to me back.2.A strange woman entered into the room and closed the window.3.His teeth ache is nothing to do with the operation.4.The thief hit the policeman's face befor 英语翻译Thomas Alva Edison was awarded more patents on inventions than any other American.When he died in 1931,Americans wondered how they could best show their respect for him.One suggestion was that the nation observe a minute or two of total b 几道英语改错题.1.I can't hear clearly.I'm dull with hearing.2.For all the bags in the shop,this one is the cheapest.3.Her younger brother is 6 years old,and her younger brother is only 4 years old. 英语翻译WHEN Bank of America swooped on Merrill Lynch in September 2008,BofA’s boss,Ken Lewis,wasapplauded for rescuing the investment bank from the same fate as Lehman Brothers.The shotgunwedding created America’s biggest bank by assets.But 几道题英语改错题.1.Although 【it】A 【 was raining】B ,【but】C the game 【went on】 D2.He's 【borrowed】A the book 【since】B 【two weeks】C 【ago】D ,hasn't he?3.【There are】A 【much】B more roads,buildings and 【peopl 英语翻译我知道我不应该在继续下去了,但我想告诉你的是,刻意抑制住我的真实情感真的很难! 几道英语改错题1、His sister married with a teacher last summer._________2、He became a writer in his twenties._________3、There is a colour TV set at the corner of the hall._________4、Can I write the exam paper with ink?_________5、I did 英语翻译Are you looking for something fun and would you like to help other people when you have enough time.Then come to us and become a volunteer(志愿者)!We have volunteer jobs for people of all ages.Anyone,from twelve-year-old children to ol 大家帮忙看看这几道英语改错题1. I and Jack both come from America.2. This is Mary.He is English.3. I can’t find my pen.I have to buy it.4.Who are these white birds ? They are Mr Green’s. 有哪位高手能 英语翻译授 权 书 兹授权 “Send you flowers” 为我公司在速卖通代理商,负责“ SMSL” 系列产品的销售.法人代表:授权法人:授权法人移动电话:此授权书有效期:2014年12月1日到2015年12月30日 英语改错题,(Look at )(the two )coats.(They are )the (twins.)1 2 3 4选出错误并改正()_____ 英语翻译1/无关紧要的事 (最好是一个词)2/他们理应得到补偿. It is from my pen pal at Brazil 英语翻译1)他将吃什么2)他们什么时候离开3)你们在哪问他4)他将要和谁去5)他要在那呆多久 英语改错题怎么做?10分的改错题,我只能对6个,很难拿到满分,我该怎么提高?我高三党的. 英语翻译1.The United Nations had declared that the first child to be delivered at the Kosovo Hospital in Sarajevo today would symbolize the passing of the mark.(特别是passing of the mark.)2.Tho boy who came into the world a short time ago in B 括号里的是判断的___1.I live in (a tall building)(with 21 floors).I live (on) (the twelveth floor )___ 2.He (likes) (sitting on the sofa) and (looking) (out at )the window___ 3.Please (keep)(quietly)(when) the teacher (speaks)___4.(Where's) 英语翻译Term of Confidentiality.The obligations of confidentiality herein with respect to Confidential Information shall terminate five (5) years from the date of the disclosure of such Confidential Information.Exceptions.Recipient will not be li 大家帮忙做几道改错的英语题目 求了( )___1.A(Daniel and I) B(are) afraid C(to) D(the dogs)( ) ___2.He A(try) to run B(away),but the policeman C(catches) D(him)( ) ____3It's good A(for) us B(to walk) C(across) the street 英语翻译 英语句子改错,5道题.1. Are Tom’s parent singing now?2. He isn’t listen to music.3. Look, he is skateing there. 4. Do you writing to your friend?5. Is he playing chess?Yes,he isn't. 继续努力吧 英语怎么说? 英语一个句子改错.where's your home?Nanjing Street 55.我恁是没看出来. “让我们继续努力吧”英语怎么说 希望大家继续努力,英语怎么翻译 无论我遇到什么困难绝不会放弃我的目标.英语翻译句子谢谢了, “但是还要继续努力”翻译翻译,急 英语翻译还有就是 有时候为什么要加 shall,will,have got ,have=类似的词啊,通常应该怎么用啊 几道英语改错题,请帮我看看为什么这样改1.There days are not enough to finish the work ( 请问句中的are为什么要改成is )2.My uncle gave me 10 books ,among what 4 were English ones.答案是把what 改为 which 那请问可不